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Exp’Air is a complete drone expertise solution for buildings that have suffered the ravages of time.

(Natural disasters, damage, fires, compliance checks, etc.) Koptos offers you complete software and drone equipment for your teams of experts.

Product Description

Exp’Air is an ultra-easy to use and transportable device in any condition. Thanks to its reasonable size, low weight and ease of use, any operator can use it in the field after a short training.

Thanks to the Thot software, all systems connect to each other automatically:

After starting up, the drone stabilizes on its own and all you have to do is launch the mission or explore the area (non-automated flight).

The software automatically collects the data and processes it to complete the report, which can be sent to the various people concerned

The automatically generated reports are archived on the tablet, even after sending!

Additional details

Reasonable investment

The cost of use is very low, representing between €5 and €8 per day. For the price of a magazine you have a high-tech product, which reduces and facilitates the work of your collaborators (technical and administrative staff).

Your productivity will be increased, this will make your staff more versatile and will allow them to be assigned new responsibilities.

Expertise drones (classic and thermal)

This solution simplifies expertise in the field and in offices. She makes the link between the two.

The drone can be equipped with two types of sensor. A classic optical sensor or a dual optical and thermal sensor.

Simplified use

Deployment is very simple. Indeed, the drone can be transported in its small case with all its accessories and can be taken anywhere thanks to its contained weight and size (315g and 250mm wingspan). It is started by pressing two buttons. The drone takes off, it is operational!

Product videos

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