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Koptos was born from a simple idea, how to simplify the lives of professionals with the use of connected objects.

Many sectors of activity complained that their work was hampered by constraints of documentation, equipment, ever more numerous regulations, and ever more complex safety rules.

After much reflection, discussion and confrontation in the field, several ideas emerged.

You will find them on the Our Products page.

The knowledge and expertise accumulated over years in different companies ranging from small businesses to multinationals and the passion for new technologies (drone, electronics, robotics, IT) led me to create this concentrated solution which is Koptos.

The philosophy.

Koptos develops technological solutions adaptable to any type of client.

The development of these products is essentially done in-house; for greater flexibility in relation to customer needs, the system system can be co-developed or a mixed solution can be implemented. (Ex: off-the-shelf drone and home software)

Koptos and the ecosystem.

Finally, Koptos is integrated into the Lyon ecosystem by being part of French Tech One from the beginning and having integrated the Digital League cluster shortly after.

We draw our strength from this rich panel of start-ups, freelancers, companies, clusters and other associations or institutions all directed in the same direction, the success of the Lyon ecosystem.

Nos Clients

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