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Creation of drones

Koptos Technology Development

In the drone sector (material part) many things have already been done, the goal is not to reinvent the wheel but to bring innovations to improve it.

In the case of drones, it is more useful to provide technical solutions to the subassemblies than to change the basic structure.

The drone must improve, not reinvent itself.


Koptos works on three axes for the solutions it offers. These technological solutions must be integrated into the entire product which is a system of systems, this includes the hardware part, the software part and the interaction between the two.

The ideas developed must be simple, easy to implement and must be able to be integrated into an in-house product as well as into a customer solution, that is to say an existing product.

Description of the technology

The three solutions.

– The off-the-shelf product: this product is manufactured by major brands specializing in the drone sectors, accessible to both individuals and professionals, Koptos adapts its solutions to this type of product.

– The co-developed product: co-development is an intermediate solution, it makes it possible to provide a more precise response to the specific needs of the customer while optimizing costs.

– The in-house product: this solution provides a tailor-made response to the customer’s needs with the implementation of a modular and modular product. It adapts to the characteristics of its field of activity while providing flexibility and the possibility of evolution over time.

Field interventions by our drones

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