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Applications and software

Koptos Software Development.

In the sector of drones and connected objects, the development of software and applications becomes as important as the development of the hardware part.

Koptos develops and co-develops all its software and applications internally for optimal integration and operation results.

The benefits of Koptos software.

Koptos software and applications can work or be used in two different ways.

– Coupled: In this case the software is sold with the hardware for which it was created, this is original, integrated into the system system for optimal operation.

– Decoupled: In this case the software is sold separately from the hardware and the latter is adapted to the customer’s connected object, a modification is then made to match the characteristics of the device.

Description of the technology

Thot software.

Thot was created as a modular platform, this software can evolve very simply according to the customer’s needs, the characteristics of the hardware, the characteristics of the sector(s) of activity.

Several variants can be offered to a single customer, but all compatible with all the equipment used. (Connected objects)

Les interventions sur le terrain de nos drones

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