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Etymology of the word biomimicry.

It is composed of the two Greek words, Bios (life) and Mímêsis (imitation).

Definition of Petit Larousse.

Sustainable innovation approach which consists of transferring and adapting to the human species solutions already developed by nature (fauna, flora, etc.). [The contact closure (or scratch) was created by biomimicry based on the model of the burdock fruit.]

(Information from Petit Larousse)

Biomimetics applicable to drones.

Inspiration for biomimetic solutions applicable to drones.

Biomimicry opens up the field of possibilities to solve, improve and create new technologies by drawing inspiration from what nature has already produced and validated for millions of years.

These improvements inspired by biomimicry make it possible to strengthen and lighten the structure of the drone while reducing its weight and increasing flight time.

They also make it possible to significantly reduce the noise pollution produced by the flight of drones and contribute to their stealth.

Nature works a lot on optimizing resources and the space used, so it helps reduce bulk and facilitate transport.

Description of the technology

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Field interventions by our drones

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